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  • Ilya Taytslin
    I was really impressed with the management team of Unique System Skills LLC. The management team assisted me with my paperwork and ensured that everything ran smoothly in a timely manner. This helped me a lot and I'm grateful for their efforts.
    Ilya Taytslin
  • Parimal Patel
    Unique System Skills LLC. is breaking boundaries with next level training for the future of the IT industries.
    Parimal Patel
  • Luis E Londono
    As a student here at Unique System Skills LLC. I felt really comfortable and happy. The management is very helpful and ensures that everything runs smoothly and in a timely manner. The instructors are extremely smart and are very helpful. They make even the hardest questions very easy to understand and have time even after the classes are over for their students to ask questions. The instructors have helped me with my job search and my interviews because they are professionals with many years of experiences in the IT field.
    Luis E Londono
  • Nancy Peters
    The teachers were good, some better than others in different areas of how they presented the material and how they gave assignments and how useful the assignments were in helping to advance in the technology being taught. Overall, I liked Shivaji Dhumal the best.
    Nancy Peters
  • Mary Shaffer
    I had some Oracle experience, but the training helped me to expand my skillset. Training is available online and is approved by my state. I liked doing homework. In addition to the examples, and lectures, the recorded lectures assignments give good experience. It provided a good experience. The software combined with the lectures and examples made for a great opportunity to get lots of practice! It’s good for expanding your skill set and building confidence. It helped me find my new job just as I was completing the training.
    Mary Shaffer
  • Ann Bouchard
    The thing I like about the training is being able to contribute during the class and able to watch the video recording after the class is done. The training is growth-oriented learning and the management staffs are helpful and willing to see you succeed.
    Ann Bouchard