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The Cloud Computing Certification Training Institute course in usa , india provides an exhaustive coverage of Cloud Computing concepts, Its industry usage, problems involved and better logic to find an appropriate solution

Basic computer programming knowledge required. Good understanding of concepts of Operating system - Windows and Linux.

80 hours

Introduction to Cloud Computing. Introduction to Amazon Webservices Services Overview and AWS Infrastructure overview. Preparatory Topics Virtualization, Networking and Storage concepts. AWS Management Console and AWS Account.

Amazon EC2 Instance types, families, generations. Amazon EBS Magnetic, SSD, Provisioned IOPS. Amazon VPC Subnets, ACLs, Routing rules, Security Groups. Hands-on activity: Creating a VPC, Creating instances (VMs) on EC2 and configuring all necessary services, attaching EBS volumes, Elastic IPs, etc.

Overview Object Storage, file shares and their use cases. Amazon S3, Glacier, (File Share Service), CloudFront. Amazon Cloudwatch Monitoring service. Hands-on activity: Creating S3 buckets, putting and getting objects from S3, hosting a static website on S3.

Amazon ELB. Amazon Auto-scaling Launch Configurations, Auto-scaling Policies. Hands-on activity configuration of auto-scaling rules and using them to automatically scale EC2 instances.

AWS Database services overview RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift. Hands-on activity creating RDS instances, configuring Multi-AZ failover, accessing a database hosted on RDS. AWS IAM overview. Configuring IAM users, groups and policies Secret Keys and API Access.

Brief introduction to Devops enabling tools. AWS Devops services overview CodeCommit, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Brief overview of Git. Hands-on activitiy Configuring a Git repository on Codecommit and working with the repository.

Brief introduction to Infrastructure as Code methodology. AWS Services Overview Cloudformation, OpsWorks and ElasticBeanstalk. Fundamentals of Cloudformation templates. Hands-on activity creating and working with cloudformationtemplates and deploying a Stack using them.

AWS Services Overview Application Services (SES, SNS, SQS, etc). Architecting with AWS Design guidelines and best practices. High Availability Design, Backup and DR. Cost Estimation using Simple Monthly Calculator. Hands-on Activity configuring Simple Email Service (SES).

Brief introduction to Hadoop and Big-Data. AWS Service Overview Elastic Mapreduce (EMR). Q&A session for all previously covered topics, preparation tips for AWS SA-Associate Level Certification exam.

Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a 3-tier web-application using AWS services. Bonus: Brief introduction to Vagrant and Chef. Hands-on workshop/Project: Automated deployment of Test/Dev environments using Vagrant, Chef and AW

After completing this course the student will learn the complete Cloud Computing Service. Comfortably be able to work with the concepts and will be able to use Software /Hardware /Infrastructure services in cloud. You could get a better job opportunity in the Cloud Computing platform if you wish to do so.

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