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This MongoDB online Training Classes in usa,india focuses in the MongoDB technology as a tool to implement new ways to store and handle data that can be modeled as a document format. MongoDB is one of the new open source databases that focus on the ideas of the NoSQL (Not Only SQL) approach. MongoDB is revered as a next-generation, document-oriented NoSQL database to build high-performance operational database applications. The MongoDB online training courses help you get prepared for the MongoDB and professional certification

Basic computer operation knowledge required. Knowledge of Database will be beneficial.

80 hours

Introduction to Mongo DB. Concepts and Philosophy. Installing Mongo DB on Unix and Windows. Understanding JSON, BSON, Mango Shell, JavaScript, mongoimport. Shell: Queries, sorting and cursors.

Inserting data. Updating and removing documents. Mongo DB commands.

Schema design, The aggregation framework, More $ operators. Learn the findandmodify command. Reducing the map.

Introduction to replica. Replica set overview and demo. Replica sets the simple http admin UI. Replica set configuration. Understand the commands and Getlasterror and cluster wide commits. Multi-data center and sample configurations. Learn to read reference(slaveOK)

Learn indexes and optimizing the overall performances. Index types, covered indexes, Explain and hint. Read v/s write tradeoffs, currentOP, killOP. The profiler, mongostate and mongotop.

Introduction to MMS monitoring. Understand how MMS agent requires PyMongo.

Learn how to install PyMongo on both Mac and Windows computers. Learn the registration process of MMS Monitoring. Also, learn how to install MMS. Introduction to sharding and see hoe to setup a sharding demo. Config database.

Learn to add initial shards to setup 2 process. Enabling sharding for collection. Working with sharded collections. Choosing shard keys. Process and machine layouts. The concept of bulk inserts and presplitting. Understand and identify what are the best practices.

Introduction to security. Handling security and clients. Dealing with intracluster security. How to backup and its best strategies.

Introduction to MMS backups. Learn to install MMS backups. Understanding how to recovery data with MMS Backups. The concepts of Geospatial Indexes.

After completing this course the student will learn one of the most popular NoSQL databases to become a MongoDB Expert. MongoDB is currently used by thousands of top companies like Viacom, eBay, etc. The demand for MongoDB experts is high but no many learned professionals.

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