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This quality assurance software testing course in usa , india covers every aspect of Software Testing. It is intended to teach all the different concepts and terms used in both manual and automation testing right from Requirement analysis to Product Delivery. The software classroom testing tools training institute will be carefully reviewed and explained well to you. This quality assurance software testing classes is for beginners and you will be taught the testing concepts keeping all the methodologies and fundamentals into perspective.

Computer basics and should at least know logical C programming Concepts.

80 hours

Introduction to Software Testing- Basic Software Testing, Terms and Concepts.

Principles of Software Testing- Quality, Quality terms, QA, QC, Cost of Quality, SDLC, Different SDLC Models.

Software Testing Methodologies- Black Box, White Box, Gray Box, Solving problems on different testing techniques.

Software Testing Levels Unit, Integration, System and UAT Software Testing Types, Static and Dynamic Testing, STLC and Defect Life Cycle, STLC in detail and defect Life Cycle.

Web Application Testing- Testing a Web application, Different Kinds of Testing involved.

Introduction to Automation- What is automation, Why and when to automate?

Introduction to QTP- QTP Basics, Record and Playback, Different Types of Recording, Object Repository, Types of Object Repository, Object Identification, Object Identification Mechanism.

Checkpoints- Different types of Checkpoints, Parameterization, Different types of Parameterization.

Data table Properties- Different data table properties, Synchronization and Transaction, Use of Synchronization and Transaction.

Programming Fundamentals- Assignments of VBScript, Practicing VB Script and creating Test scripts for different applications.

Introduction to QC- Basics of QC, Understanding its features.

Test Management- Understanding Components & Requirement, Test Plan, Test Lab, Defect Project using QC: Testing a Web Application, Understanding the Requirement Creating Test plan.

Writing test cases and executing.

After completion of this course you will be able to test different applications by creating test cases and scenarios Write Test scripts in VB so that you can automate any application Knowledge of QTP. After completing the software testing course, you will also be able to enhance employability desktop/Web application and be eligible to test desktop/Web application VB Script Learning Hands on in Function and Regression testing Automation Tool Knowledge. You will be able to apply various kinds of Testing methodologies. You can then apply for the position of QA testing.

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