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This Learning C and C++ programming language training course in usa, india are intended for educating basic computer users or beginners of the current software/hardware technologies of computers. This course will provide a detailed overview of the various functions and uses of computers in the world today. The second half of this course is intended to teach the basics of C and C++ online programming for beginners in usa,india and introduces you to object-oriented methodology uses C++ as the programming language. It teaches you advance learning C and C++ Programming language training course concepts. It introduces the implementation of object-oriented concepts, such as abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance, using C++. In addition, this course introduces implementation of various programming concepts, such as I/O operations, Templates, and Exception handling used in C++. The embedded C programming tutorialis designed in a way such that you will learn C++ and C programming language concepts in a very easy way

High school education or equivalency.

80 hours

The role computers have in todays world whether in personal or business settings. The components of a laptop and desktop computer, including Peripheral devices. The correct ways to turn on, shut down, and restart a computer (Booting).

Description of keyboard layout and typing. Using all-in-one printers to print, scan, copy, fax.

Understanding the Microsoft Windows operating system. Using Microsoft Suite software applications. Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint.

What is the internet? How to connect to the internet? Web browsing and online search engines. Setting up email account. Sending and receiving email. Setting up social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Storing and sharing files or documents. Privacy and Security. Ethics in computers/Internet use.

C: Basics- Data types, Variable, Constants, Keywords. Control Structure- If statement, If else statement, nested if else, use of logical operators, Conditional Operators.

C: Loop Control Structure- while loop, for loop, do while loop, break, and continue statement. Case Control Structure- Decision using switch, Go to statement. Arrays.

C: Strings in C Programming. Functions- what is function? Why use function? Passing values between functions. Scope rules of functions. Function Declaration & prototype.

C: Call by value and Call by reference. Pointer Introduction. Storage classes in C- Automatic Storage class. Register Storage class. Static Storage class. External Storage class.

C: C Preprocessor- ) Features of c preprocessor, Macro Expansion, Macro with arguments, Macros versus Functions, File Inclusion, Conditional Compilation Structure. Pointer. File handling in C.

C++: Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers and constants. Basic Data Types, User Defined data types, Derived Data types. Variables. Operators. Scope Resolution Operator. Operator Overloading & operator precedence.

C++: Control Structures. Functions in C++. Classes and Objects. Constructors and destructors. Operator Overloading.

C++: Inheritance: Extending Classes. Pointers, Virtual Function and Polymorphism. Managing Console I/O Operations.

C++: Working with files. Templates. Exception Handling. Introduction to the standard Template Library. Manipulating String. New Features of ANSI C++ Standard.

After completing this course you will have broad knowledge and skills to effectively and productively use computers. From being able to create documents in Microsoft Word, or managing your calendar and emails in Microsoft Outlook, and organizing data by using excel spreadsheets, to navigating through the internet securely. You will acquire knowledge and a strong understanding of the overall fundamentals of C, C++ programming. You will have the needed skills to expand to more advanced software and information Technologies. This C programming language training course will help you easily learn lot of other programming courses. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

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