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This Professional learning C # programming training course india teaches you all the basic concepts of C # language. This c++ programming language certification classes also teach developers the programming skills that are required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language.during this Programming tutorial covers the basics of C# program structure, language syntax, and implementation details, and then consolidate their knowledge throughout the week.At the end of the course, students should leave the class with a solid knowledge of C# programming language.Describe the core syntax and features of C#.in this course we covered Create and call methods, catch and handle exceptions, and describe the monitoring requirements of large-scale and small scale applications. Implement the basic and essential element structure of a typical desktop application and more…...

Basic computer knowledge and C programming basis required. Knowledge of OOP’s would help.

40 hours

.Net Framework - Components of framework, platform independence, language interoperability, framework versions. First program – C # Notations, Console class, compilation through CSC, Command Line Arguments. Introduction to IDE - Visual studio 2012, compiling, debugging, intelisense.

Encapsulation, Namespaces, structure, class and encapsulation, namespaces, multiple files, using namespaces. Assembly - Creating a DLL, ILDASM, referencing a DLL, shared assembly, strong naming, DLL hell, GAC.

Data types - Value type, reference type, string methods, string vs String. Constructors - Types of Constructors, destructors, finalize, garbage collector. Abstraction - Access modifiers, abstraction vs encapsulation.

Inheritance - Types of inheritance, sealed keyword, Accessibility – protected, flow of constructors, base keyword and function handling. Polymorphism - Overloading, Overriding, System.

Abstract class interface – Abstract methods, classes, interfaces, multiple inheritance, abstract class vs inheritance.

Arrays and loops - Types of Arrays, for each loop, static variables, static methods, static classes, This, const, read only Keywords.

Property exception handling - Purpose of property, try, catch, finally, throw, types of exceptions.

Casting, boxing – unboxing - Value type casting, reference type casting, boxing , unboxing & its drawbacks

Collections - Arrays vs Arraylist, stack, queue, hashtable

Generics - Drawback of collections, list, dictionary, where to implement generics?

LESSON 11: Delegates - Simple Delegates, array of Delegates, Multicast Delegates, anonymous methods.

Reflection - Reading MSIL, Type class, Assembly class, Activate. CreateInstacne

Multi-threading – Simple thread, multi- thread, join

File handling - StreamReader, StreamWriter, FileInfo, Directory class. Winforms - Form class, partial classes, designer.cs, events & toolbox

Tollbox basic controls - Label, Button, Label, TextBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, Dynamic Controls

ComboBox, Listbox, ListView & ImageList, CheckedListBox

Containers - Panel, gropupbox. Dialogs and menus - OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, FolderBrowserDialog, ColorDialog, FontDialog

Menu controls - MenuStrip, ToolStrip, ContextMenuStrip Icons - Baloon, NotifyIcon & its mouse click events

Dynamic controls, Backgroundworker - Generating dynamic controls & its events, multithreading using BackgroundWorker

After completion of this course you will able to apply OOAD concepts to build C # applications. Develop console based application using C #. Also develop Windows applications using C #. Create database applications using files.

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