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This learning android apps online development, certification tutorials in pune india provide Understand the Android OS architecture. Install and use appropriate tools for Android development, including IDE, device emulator, and profiling tools. Understand the Android application architecture, including the roles of the task stack, activities, and services. Build user interfaces with fragments, views, form widgets, text input, lists, tables, and more. Use advanced UI widgets for scrolling, tubing, and layout control.learning android app development, certification class Present menus via the Android action bar and handle menu selections. Store application data on the mobile device, in internal or external storage locations. Support user-specific preferences using the Android Preferences API

The students who want to take this course should have: Good Knowledge of Advance Java

80 hours

Introduction to Android. Overview of Android and Android SDK. History of Android. Android Features. Overview of Android Resources

Android architecture overview. Introduction to OS Layers Linux Kernel. Libraries. Android Runtime Application Framework. Shared preferences.

Android development environment. System requirements. Eclipse and SDK Installation, AVD Creation. Creating First Android Application. Project Structure. Playing Audio/Video

Android application fundamentals. Android Application Building Blocks . Activating components. Shutting down components

User interface. View hierarchy and layouts UI Events Working with Maps Building Menus Notifying Users Creating Dialogs Graphics and Animations

Resources. Creating Resources Using Resources Drawable and Animation Resources .

Data storage. Internal Storage (Files) External Storage (SD Card) SQL Lite Databases.

Android Media API. Camera-Media Recording Telephony manager Wi-Fi

Location services. Simulating your location within the emulator using Location Manager and Location Provider Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder

After completing this course, the student should be able to: Design and develop applications including graphical user interfaces to support a range of devices. Develop mobile applications in Android.

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