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The Distributed Database Application Development Using .NET Framework training course in pune india discusses about distributed applications and their architecture. Further, the Developing Database Application using .Net Framework, WCF certification class briefly discusses about COM+ services, .NET Remoting, and XML Web services. These are the .NET technologies used to develop distributed applications. After discussing these technologies, the module discusses in detail about Windows Communications Foundation (WCF). WCF is the latest .NET technology that unifies all other .NET technologies used to develop distributed applications.

The students who want to take this course should have knowledge of: SQL Server 2005. C#. Microsoft Visual Studio. HTML. ADO.NET. ASP.NET

36 hours

Identify the distributed application architecture. Identify the distributed application technologies. Work with COM+

Implement .NET Remoting. Create and consume Web services. Identify WCF

Create, host and consume a WCF Service. Implement exception handling in WCF. Trace and monitor WCF services

Configure serialization and encoding. Identify transactions. Implement transactions in WCF.

Implement reliable messaging. Develop peer-to-peer applications. Secure a WCF service.

Extend the service model layer. Extend the messaging layer. Identify RESTful services. Work with RESTful services.

At the end of this module, the students will be able to develop distributed applications by using WCF.

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