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Windows Presentation Foundation is the next-generation presentation system for building client applications in the Windows operating system. You can use it to build a range of Windows-based applications, from a simple word processor or media player to an enterprise-level line-of-business application.this developing database application using .net framework WPF training class in pune india covers all aspects of windows based applications

The students who want to take this course should have: Basic knowledge of C # and XML

36 hours

Identify the distributed application architecture. Identify the distributed application technologies. Create a WPF application.

Build a UI in a WPF application. Customize the appearance of a WPF application.

Bind UI controls to data sources. Bind UI controls to collections.

Create new controls in a WPF application. Manage documents in a WPF application.

Add graphics and multimedia support to a WPF application. Configure and deploy WPF applications.

At the end of this module, the students will be able to develop distributed applications by using WPF.

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