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In This Learning windows microsoft azure certifications training course in pune,india students will learn how to design and develop services that access local and remote data from various data sources. Students will also learn by this windows microsoft azure tutorials how to develop and deploy services to hybrid environments.

The students who want to take this course should be: Familiar with object-oriented programming using C#. Able to query and manage data using SQL server. Able to develop Web applications using ASP.NET MVC. Able to write programs using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Able to interact in English in a classroom environment because the classes will be conducted in English.

80 hours

Identify the key components of distributed applications. Identify the data and data access technologies.

Identify the service technologies. Explain cloud computing.

Explain ADO.NET. Create an Entity Data Model.

Query data. Manipulate data

Identify HTTP services. Create an ASP.NET Web API service.

Handle HTTP requests and responses. Host and consume ASP.NET Web API services.

Explain the ASP.NET Web API pipeline. Create OData services.

Implement security in ASP.NET Web API services. Inject dependencies into controllers.

Identify the advantages of creating services with WCF. Create and implement a contract.

Configure and host WCF services. Consume WCF services.

Host services on-premises. Host services in Windows Azure.

Explain Windows Azure Service Bus Relays. Explain Windows Azure Service Bus Queues.

Explain Windows Azure Service Bus Topics. Explain Web Deployment with Visual Studio 2012.

Create and deploy Web application packages. Use command-line tools for Web Deploy.

Deploy Web and service applications to Windows Azure. Explain continuous delivery with TFS and Git.

Identify best practices for production deployment. Use Windows Azure Storage.

Use Windows Azure Blob Storage. Use Windows Azure Table Storage. Use Windows Azure Queue Storage.

Restrict access to Windows Azure Storage. Perform diagnostics using tracing.

Configure service diagnostics. Monitor services using Windows Azure Diagnostics

Use Windows Azure Metrics. Explain claims-based identity concepts.

Use the Windows Azure Access Control Service. Configure services to use federated identities.

Explain scalability. Implement load balancing.

Scale on-premises services with distributed cache. Implement Windows Azure Caching.

Scale globally. Apply design principles to service contracts.

Handle distributed transactions. Extend the WCF pipeline.

Introduction to Web services security. Implement transport security

Implement message security. Configure service authentication and authorization.

After completing this course, the students should be able to: Develop and use Web services. Develop and deploy services on Windows Azure.

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