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The MVC Framework, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communication Foundation is using C#) Training course in usa, india provides an exhaustive coverage of MVC, WPF and WCF Programming language. This MVC framework tutorial classes provide Web application development with Asp.Net With WCF.

Basic computer programming knowledge required. C# programming knowledge is a must. Basic understanding of OOP’S programming required. Knowledge of ASP.Net is required. Not intended for beginners to computer programming.

80 hours

Introduction to WCF. What is WCF? Address, Binding and Contract. WCF Services and Clients. WCF Architecture. Addresses and Bindings. Message Exchange Patterns. Interoperating with ASMX Web Services. Hosting. Channel Factories. Multiple Endpoints.

Service Contracts. Defining Service Contracts. Defining Operation Contracts. Services With Multiple Contracts. Data Contracts. Versioning Data Contracts. More about Service Contracts. Patterns. Oneway Contracts. Duplex Contracts. Asynchronous Proxies

Introducing WPF. Application Level. Types of Window. Dialog Boxes. Controls. Built-in Controls. Microsoft Expression Blend.

Content Model. XAML. Introducing XAML. XAML Fundamentals. Custom Types. Markup Extensions. XAML Serialization

The Layout System. Layout Panels. Sizing and Positioning. Controls II. The Visual Layer. Dependency Properties. Routed Events. Input Handling. Commands.

Data Binding. Implementing Data Binding. Binding to Collections. Data Templates. Data Validation. Graphics Media and Animation. Control Styles and Templates. Asynchronous and Multithreading.

Asp.Net MVC-Introduction. First MVC-Application. Controllers. Razor Views. HTML helper. Methoss. Validations. Authentication & Authorization. JQUERY & Ajax.

Develop a web-based application using WCF in Asp.Net. Strong foundation for applying design patterns. Developing more dynamic and exciting web application using WCF. After completion of this course you will be able to establish better preparation for window application with WPF. After completion of this course you will be able to better preparation for Asp.Net application with MVC4.0.

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