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This ORACLE Applications technical CRM training course in usa, india provides students with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on their skills and experience in any kind of ORACLE application. Teaches them to manage an ORACLE application system by this Oracle CRM software tutorial

Basic computer operation knowledge required. Knowledge of ORACLE and/or SQL essential.

80 hours

Introduction to ERP. Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP\'S. Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP\'S. Types of Roles. Types of Projects. AIM documentation standards. Oracle Application Architecture. Database structure of OA. Using TOAD. Application Object Library. Creating Users. WHO columns. Creating Responsibilities. Menu construction. Request group construction.

Registration. Table Registration. Table Registration using AD_DD package. View Registration. Sequence Registration. New Application/New Module Development. Form Registration. Form Functions. Non-Form Functions. Report Registration. Registration of SQL*Plus files. Registration of SQL*Loader files. Registration of PL/SQL procedure.

Profiles. Overview of profile options. Different levels in setting profiles. Steps in setting a profile option. Important profile options. Important API. Application development. Defining concurrent program. Concurrent programs with parameters. Working with multiple concurrent programs. Scheduling the Concurrent Program. Concurrent Program incompatibilities. Creating Request Set. Procedure registration. Value sets.

Reports. Report development. Report registration. Parametric report registration. Reports with repeating frames. Module Overviews. Accounts Payable module flow with base tables. Accounts Receivable module flow with base tables. Order Management module flow with base tables. Purchase order Module flow with base tables. General Ledger Module flow with base tables.

Interfaces. Introduction to Interface. Outbound Interfaces. Using UTL_FILE package. Inbound Interfaces. Using SQL * Loader tool Conversions. Overview on conversions. Difference between Interfaces and conversions. Working with staging table script. Developing validations package. Standards to be followed in conversions.

Flex Fields. Types of Flex Fields. Descriptive Flex Fields. Key Flex Fields. Value sets. Overview of value sets. Options in value sets. Types of value sets. Creation of value set. Overview of value set tables.

XML Publisher. Introduction to XML Publisher. Generating XML file using reports. Creating Templates. Creating Data Definitions. Workflow. Introduction to workflow. Workflow builder. Creating Processes

After completing this course, students will be able to, Extend their existing competencies in ORACLE APPS. It is a powerful business tool that covers the functionality across various departments. ORACLE APPS are very popular and bring in a lot of business benefits. ORACLE Application learned professionals have been and are in very high demand.

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