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PeopleSoft Human Capital Management tutorial in usa , india enables you to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes. PeopleSoft HCM certification course delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower cost of ownership. From recruiting and managing talent, to accurately forecast future workforce needs, PeopleSoft HCM training enables you to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.

Basic Knowledge of computers and office software applications will help in learning PeopleSoft HCM.

40 hours

Business Process Overview. Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Products and Business Processes. Describing PeopleSoft Human Resources Core Foundation Tables. Describing PeopleSoft Table Setup Considerations. Describing Effective Dating and Action Types. Describing Sources of Information About PeopleSoft. Human Resources in PeopleBooks.

Setting Up Core Foundation Tables Related to Installation Settings and Companies. Defining the Human Resource Foundation Table Sequence. Defining the Installation Table. Setting Up the Company Table. Setting Up Core Foundation Tables Related to Business Units and TableSet Sharing. Defining SetIDs, Business Units, and TableSet Sharing. Establishing User and Business Unit Defaults.

Setting Up Core Foundation Tables Related to Establishments, Locations, and Departments. Setting Up the Establishment Table. Setting Up the Location Table. Setting Up the Department Table.

Setting Up Core Foundation Tables Related to Compensation. Setting Up Compensation Rate Code Data. Determining Compensation Rate Code Defaults. Setting Up Salary Plan Tables. Setting Up Core Foundation Tables Related to Jobs and Pay Groups. Setting Up the Job Code Table. Setting Up the Pay Group Tables.

Administering Data Permission Security. Explaining Data Permission Security. Identifying Methods of Granting Data Permission Access. Administering Tree-Based Security. Adding People in the PeopleSoft System. Describing Organizational Relationships. Adding a Person in the PeopleSoft System. Adding a Job Instance for a Person.

Managing Worker Data Through Smart HR Templates and Transactions. Defining Smart HR Templates. Setting Up Smart HR Templates. Managing Worker Transactions Using a Smart HR Template. Maintaining Person and Job Data. Maintaining Historical Information for Your Workforce. Managing Personal Data and Job Data. Creating Action Reason Codes. Viewing Job Summary Information.

Managing Positions. Setting Up Position Data. Hiring and Reassigning Workers into Positions. Maintaining Position and Employee Data.

Working with the Org Chart Viewer. Describing the Org Chart Viewer Features and Functionality. Setting Up the Org Chart Viewer. Creating Matrix Teams. Using the Org Chart Viewer.

Using the Talent Summary and Manager Dashboards. Setting Up the Manager Dashboard Pagelets. Using the Manageer Dashboard. Setting Up the Talent Summary Dashboard. Using the Talent Summary Dashboard.

After completing this course the student will have a strong understanding of the elements and fundamentals of using PeopleSoft HCM to help manage and maintain the Human Resources functionality of a business.

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