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This learning SQL Server DBA course tutorial in usa, india provides students with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on their skills and experience as an SQL DBA to manage a Microsoft SQL Server system. This SQL server dba training also teaches you the SQL Server database management and administration

SQL knowledge required.

80 hours

The History of SQL Server and relational databases. Relational database history. The evolution of SQL Server. SQL Server and ANSI standards. Installing and configuring SQL Server. Pre-installation steps. Installing SQL Server. Configuring the run-time SQL Server system. Patching SQL Server - Service packs.

SQL Server data storage management. SQL Server file management architecture. Creating database files. Creating SQL Server log files. Using SQL Server file groups. Managing data with the DTS utility. Using DTS to export and import SQL Server table data.

SQL Server Security management. Windows security management for the server. Windows authentication mode. SQL Server rights and role management.

SQL Server Backup & Recovery. Overview of SQL Server backup & recovery. Incremental backups. Restoring a SQL Server database. Standby database overview. Shipping SQL Server log files to standby databases.

SQL Server database Replication. Microsoft replication architectures. Creating a replication topology. Configuring SQL Server replication.

SQL Server Job scheduling. Common database scheduled jobs. Configuring SQLMail. Setting SQL Server and server alert thresholds. Creating customized error conditions. Scheduling multi-step job streams.

Performance Tuning for the SQL Server DBA. SQL Server monitoring for performance. SQL Server startup parameter tuning. T-SQL tuning. SQL tuning for SQL Server. Diagnosing storage and system problems. Diagnosing session and O/S issues

After completing this course, students will be able to, Extend their existing competencies as Oracle DBAs to SQL Server. Manage SQL Server using the same perspective of an Oracle DBA. Understand the underlying architecture of SQL Server. Manage the SQL Server system, databases, and users. Manage database files by backing up or migrating to other systems. Define and implement monitoring and tuning solutions to the SQL Server system. Express High Availability options to SQL Server. Explain the process and tool to migrate Oracle schemas to SQL Server databases.

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