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The learning VB.Net programming Training course in USA ,INDIA provides an exhaustive coverage of Visual Basic.Net Programming language.vb.net one of the most widely used programming languages used to build powerful and robust programs on the Microsoft Visual.NET.visual basic is an object-oriented computer programming language combine the power of the .NET Framework and the common language runtime with the productivity benefits that are the hallmark of Visual Basic provided by microsoft.

Basic computer programming knowledge required. Basic understanding of OOP’S required. Not intended for beginners to computer programming.

80 hours

Brief overview of VISUAL BASIC .Net technology. Understand its basic concepts. Introduction to .net framework. Learn VB.net Features. Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL). Learn the IDE, languages supported, and its components. Hands on with the IDE- Menu System, like the toolbars, code designer, solution explorer, Object browser, toolbox, Class View Window, Properties Window, server explorer, task list, output window, command window, etc.

Design, formulate, and construct applications with VB.NET. Integrate variables and constants into calculations applying VB.NET. Determine logical alternatives with VB.NET decision structures. Learn the different VB.Net Properties, events and methods of form, label, textbox, list box, Combo Box, radio button, button, check box, progress bar, date time picker, calendar, picture box, hscrollbar, vscrollBar, group box, tooltip, timer.

Implement lists and loops with VB.NET controls and iteration. Separate operations into appropriate VB.NET procedures and functions. Assemble multiple forms, modules, and menus into working VB.NET solutions. Learn the different data types, keywords, declaring variables and constants, operators. Understanding the scope and accessibility of variables, Conditional Statements- If- Then, If-Then-Else, Nested If, Select Case, Looping Statement- Do loop, For Loop, For Each-Next Loop, While Loop, Arrays- Static and Dynamic.

Procedures- Built-In Functions- mathematical and string functions, user defined functions and procedures. Create VB.NET programs using multiple array techniques. Build integrated VB.NET solutions using files and structures with printing capabilities. Translate general requirements into data-related solutions using database concepts.

After completing this course the student will learn to develop Windows applications using structured and Object-based programming techniques using VB.Net technology.

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