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The latest operating system in the market is Windows 8, introduced by Microsoft. Windows 8 introduces a new style of apps called Windows Store apps. These apps are designed to run seamlessly on various types of devices and to boost effective human interaction. The learning windows store app development course in pune india provides you with an understanding of the basics of the application development lifecycle and various models to develop an application. It windows store app development certification also provides you necessary skills to design and develop device-agnostic Windows Store apps using Windows 8 platform.

The students who want to take this course should have: Basic knowledge of C #.

36 hours

Identify fundamentals of application development and various application models. Explain the Windows 8 platform and its features.

Explain the basics of Windows Store apps. Identify the essentials of Windows Store app development.

Add UI elements to an app. Organize the various UI elements.

Add interactivity to the UI elements. Explain routed events.

Implement navigation in a Windows Store app. Use data binding to present data in the UI.

After completing this course, the student should be able to: Design and develop applications including graphical user interfaces to support a range of devices.

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