GI Bill

GI BILL (Government funded program for Veterans) is a government-funded program offered to service members and veterans. It gives veterans an opportunity to use various benefits that the programs offer like, housing, medical, and training, etc.

NOTE:If you have been approved to get GI BILL training funds, funding will be completely supported by government.

SOURCE: US Department of Veteran Affairs. Please go to the following website for further details on GI Bill Program.

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We have been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs office to offer the latest IT Courses training to GI BILL approved students. We are successfully working with unemployed workforce (WIOA) Since April 2016 by providing quality training along with job assistance.

We offer 40 different courses and click here to view our courses page.

We offer 30 different packages and click here to view our packages page.

You can contact our office and talk to our SCO officers who can meet, guide and assist you.

Name Designation Email Id Phone Number
Mr. Santosh Salvi SCO Officer 603-438-9279
Mr. Sixto Deleon SCO Officer 603-809-0633


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Call to the office nearest to you to find out more on If you are eligible and how you can benefit from this program.

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