Delivery Formats

We at UNIQUE System Skills LLC choose the delivery format that matches your training goals, learning needs, and budget.


We carefully think through every aspect of your training! Our industry-experienced instructors take extra effort to make sure you get more than what you expect from the course. We make sure that you have a comfortable learning environment with no disturbances so that you can learn quickly! With locations in North America and Asia, our training centers are designed to leverage state-of-the-art training technology and provide an excellent hands-on learning experience. Get one-on-one experience, access to high-class computer labs, and outstanding subject matter for results-oriented IT training.

  • Learn in a comfortable learning environment
  • Easy and convenient unlimited access to our state-of-the-art equipment
  • Engage with our industry-expert trainers
  • Actively get involved in real-time group discussions with the learners and our trainers
  • Enhance the speed and depth of your learning during our hands-on exercises
  • Personal face-to-face interaction with the instructor
  • Practice what you learn in our labs.
  • Through our instructor-led training, you can receive immediate feedback in a classroom setting. This means that the instructor can adapt his or her approach to suit you in real-time and you can get your concepts and fundamentals clear right when they are being taught to you. Face-to-face interaction and communication boosts active discussion in the learning process. This way, your queries are answered instantly by the instructor. This type of experience keeps you motivated towards your goals. When you learn together with other individuals, you will benefit from a shared learning experience. This type of community experience is very fulfilling. Through instructor-led training, you will learn through direct participation. While simulations can be helpful, there simply isn’t a substitute for hands-on learning. We know through experience that once you enroll and attend the sessions, you will be satisfied with our programs. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience with our quality training.


    Get superior live, instructor-led training merged with our finest online delivery technologies, and industry-leading instructors, content, and exercises for a world-class training session, regardless of your location.

  • Save time and money on travelling
  • Learn from industry-expert trainers from the comfort of your home
  • Real-world exercises
  • Online submission of case studies
  • Submit your completed project and assignments timely to the instructors online
  • Consult with your instructor any time
  • Enroll with suitable dates and schedules
  • Get trained in an environment that is designed for active learning

    CUSTOM COURSES DESIGNED FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION: Often, large organizations have a need to rapidly develop effective training that is customized to their business goals, specific processes, projects, and their employees’ skill levels. Our course curriculum development process is quick, flexible, and responsive to guidance provided by your organization. Our customized courses are developed by our industry-expert instructors that work in concert with your organization throughout the development process. We develop all the course material, hands-on exercises, and instructor guides required for smooth and effective course delivery. We also can develop and share the detailed course plan to fine-tune and ensure the achievement of your organization’s goal.